Stephanoski Parisiani was born in some small Italian village called Sieste. His youth passed on with a bunch of la mama’s and sipping secretly of some bad Italian wines while listening to some bad ass mafia tunes. His dad, Don Parisiani, the local head honcho of the Sieste clan, sent his 18 year old 15th born son to Paris, in order to know the roots of his family and to study at the ECE.

Stephanoski decided to also study the nightlife of Paris, and soon learned about the French Touch. Daft Punk, Cassius, Guetta, Garraud: you name it, he liked it. While flowing and prancing around in the Parisian music scene, Stephanoski got in trouble with the local Albanian pimping clan, and had to flee to Belgium.

There he got in touch with dance music formations like Scoop, The MacKenzie, Pinxten & Vandueren, Fiocco, Lasgo, and the world famous posses of The Dirty Jos Soundsystem and the Revlon Spaz Queens and many more.

In order to keep busy, he started DJ’ing at the end of 2005 at a variety of classy Belgian venues, spinning oldskool rock records mixed with more contemporary dance tracks. Want to book him? Send an e-mail to stephanoski.parisiani+booking@gmail.com !


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