Toys for boys

19 09 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, I made the move to MIDI controllers! It makes mixing with mp3’s alot easier, although it still doesn’t feel like mixing with vinyl or CD’s (yet, mixing with mp3’s has more possibilities for a cheaper price than mixing with analog stuff).

Some will declare me crazy for buying Hercules stuff (“but, they produce toys!!!“), but the controller I got ain’t no stinking plastic shit: it’s made out of brushed metal and it’s heavy enough to give the criticasters some pain ;-).

Furthermore it has an internal soundcard, which reduces the number of items one has to carry (like, no extra external soundcard!). The damn thing even features double jacks for mics and headphones (at the back and at the front).

More evident stuff like two jogwheels (for scratching and pitch bending, these modes are set by pressing a seperate button), pitch faders, volume faders, cross fader, equalizer knobs are also included.

A nice extra feature are the twelve buttons (six for each channel) which can be assigned to special functions (loop in, loop out, pitch bends, effects, …) in any software which has a MIDI learn feature.

I’ve tested it for two days now, it seems to work okay. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ve a small gig, so we’ll see how it performs when it has to. 🙂




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